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The video day package consists of:

Arrival at the brides place of departure approximately 1 hour before departure for the church.

Video footage of the:

   - morning with the bride,
   - church ceremony,
   - hotel reception,
   - speeches,
   - first dance,
   - shenigans right up until midnight or the band finishing up.

The video day concludes at either midnight, or when the band finish up.

With this package you will receive 3 copies of the complete production in DVD format, and all associated graphics and packaging.

Additional copies of the final DVD product are available at €20ea.

All efforts are made to have the final product ready for collection within 2 weeks of the event itself, however, at peak times this may take a few days longer.

Please note:

During the wedding ceremony no bright lights are ever used,  nor are  wireless microphones required.

PictureMan does not approach anybody to talk to the camera. However, should anyone wish to do so of their own volition, they will be absolutely welcome.