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Pictureman has been involved in the wedding industry in some form or other for more than 30 years, the latter portion of which have been spent providing video services.

As a videographer, Jack prides himself on being able to capture the full events of the day. The day videoing usually starts at least an hour before the church and rarely finishes before the band has left the stage that night.

Being a graduate of old school video techniques, Jack shoots for use, and uses most everything he shoots in the final product - this means that the end result involves two seperate DVD's (one for each half of the day) and total viewing time in the region of 2-3 hours. Naturally, all disks have chapter points in place so that you can, at any time, skip to just exactly what you want to see.

With regard to photography, PictureMan operates in a very friendly and personable manner, interacting with those involved in every picture and generally making the whole process a very pleasant and engaging experience. The result of a days shooting is usually in the region of 120-150 shots. All shots are provided to the couple in 7x5inch format, and with all the original digital files provided on disk.

PictureMan operates an entirely flexible product template, and is more than willing to accomodate the input of the bride and groom wherever it is at all possible and with regard to any aspect of the production.

For more information on the Photo and Video packages, please see the "Services" section of the site.